Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lotus Flow3r & MPLSOUND

What's to follow are my straight up notes, unedited thoughts, on the new Prince records.

PS [that's Pri Script to me] - will edit at will


I do believe that MPLSOUND should precede Lotus Flow3r. They meld nicely that way. MPLS is a fun dance back to the early yrs of my Prince understanding, while Lotus Flow3r is a slightly serious rock album. ‘Cept for some of the cheddar

Lotus Flow3r
March 30, 2009

· “Boom” - can deal with the smooth latin beginning, really love the middle to end Rock Groove. Still digin hvy gtr ld. Has lotsa room tO breath, pacing is good. Mix & engineering quality – blessed.

· “Crimson & Clover” – sounds like a it was recorded live and improved. Very live & spontaneous feel to it. Don’t hate it…kinda li kE it.

· “4Ever” – Pop, typical Prince filler

· Whole Album – recording quality moderate. Over all mix sounds mid to lo end heavy, however, not enough deep bass.

· “Colonized Mind” – grabs the attention right of the bat. But not enuf tO write about…yet…There’s a bit of envlp on the lead vox, liKes it.

· “Feel Better, Feel Good, Feel Wonderful” – as Funk as a striped cat’s balls. Space aged Funkistump Jam.

· “Love Like Jazz” – As bad as “Strollin’” from Diamonds & Pearls. Reminds me of a mime and a park bench. Creepy. {Lyric Rant}Let’s not go 4 a ride. Hold on…end jam not so bad, until lyrics Love Like Jazz, again.

· “77 Beverly Park” – Not what I was expecting after sex induced delay grunts. Like a wedding dance or gondola ride. I like it.

· “Wall of Berlin” – Love the groove. Rolling bas and friendliness on the guitar. Then turns into moving rock lick momma. Then more smoking gtr leads. Beat becomes real straight aggressive but resolved dominance. I really LIKe It. Love that kick about 1:28 in. What does that remind me of? “No time this Time”? no. soMething. 3:50

· “$” – Love the electro bass and old ’80 Prince sound. Ala “Lets Pretend we’re Married”, or “Sexuality”. Is that “Tequila” I hear in there? Listen to the bass groove in the mid sec. Like it. Like many song on this wreka, it evolves into a dif groove by the end, usually & hopefully, a better 1.

· “Dreamer” – Heavy low dirt bottom grab. Calhoun sq. liX . Waiting for the real deal. Guitar solo. Do I hear a click track in there? [REVISED 03.31.09] Yup!

· “…Back 2 The Lotus” – Oops, spaced out to the end of “Dreamer”.

March 30, 2009

· “(There’ll Never B) Another Like Me” – Don’t know what to say. Not feelin’ it? Good to hear the old sounds like the Linn again. Low sidestick. Not funky enough to endure MLPSOSF. Missing the dirt of Er city due to churchiness.

· “Chocolate Box” – OS like Dirty Mind days just with fatter sounds, mo betta bass, mo betta technology.. Comes with cheese, though. Gtr bring me back in. OLD SqOOl ring positive.

· “Dance 4 Me” – Like a super cool, under-rated bSide from the days of Yor. Sexual linked lyrics but not vulgar or prof. Very Vanity.

· “U’re Gonna C Me” – initial reaction, “lame”. Fluty floaty sing song sap crap. Fits the OS genre theme, though. Gotta stop.

· “Here” - initial reaction – “oh crap”.
Lyrics start “how beautiful r u” – who cares and why are you asking. Doesn’t fit OSMSLP profile. prolly the reason women (most) love Prince. Don’t think “Valentina” is going to bee much better.

· “Valentina” – well…Is that groove got a bit of latin try in it? …Latin move, timbale sparse. OS synth as main connector riff. West coast livin sfx. There is a bit ‘o funk in there, and now the gtr solo < santana. A solid club groove, if the club was cOOl.+>

· “Better With Time” – I certainly hope so. It’s givin me the ehh chill, but…it caught my mind and kept it for a while.

· “Ol’ Skool Company” – Yup!
strate up pf typ e luv ‘n 4 y0 az.

· “No More Candy 4 U” – This is how I would write a song. Weird lines and no cool ass kb player abill’ty. But it’s got attitude. Very Ronnie t2 Russia. No more candy <<<<<< 4 U. I likin'g it more and more. quirky and silly but accurate.


  1. i love liner notes, especially when they're written by someone i know. wisz writes good liners, too. now i gotta get the albums to listen to while i read along.

  2. I never thought of these like liner notes. I like it.

  3. This is good considering the CD has no liner notes at all.