Monday, March 16, 2009

Poet In Process Live @ The Mohawk Place

Last night my friend & neighbor Mark brought me along on a DJ gig he had at the Mohawk Place in Buffalo, New York. He opened for a band from Barcelona named Poet In Process. I didn't know anything about the band because I was really there to take pictures with my new Nikon.

Once the band started I was pleasantly surprised. They started with a couple of pop tunes, which were good and the band was tight, but when they dropped the pop for some serious rock grooves the show really started to move. The lead singer, very beautiful & sexy, took command of the show. Her energy was domineering and seductive while the music rambled along right with her. The show was simple and basic but the 4 pieces (drums, bass, guitar and vocals), wove a complex tapestry of raw groove and enthusiasm. I was totally captured by the show.

Visit their MySpace to hear a few tunes & visit their website for more info.

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