Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Obama Papers

I fund this blog very interesting. I didn't happen to get the paper on Nov. 5th and I feel like I should have. I guess I didn't need to as The Obama Papers has many front pages from Nov. 5th, both domestic and foreign. Below is one from Iran.


  1. The Buffalo News one is interesting in the fact that they had 2 covers actually... The one shown here is the early edition for the Southtowns. After the Obama Rally Speech, the city version of the News (which was printed 2 hours later) used a photo of Obama giving his speech instead of this 'supporters' image show here.

  2. Very interesting mark. I thought the cover I posted looked unfamiliar and I thought it was strange that the picture of Obama was so small. Thanks for the info, very informative, are you in the print business?