Friday, August 1, 2008

There Is Something Strange Here

I find it strange to see a Hummer with a handicap tag. Nothing really wrong with it, just wierd.

I took this picture myself, it's not Photoshoped except to hide identifying numbers.


  1. I knew a guy that got t boned by a texting driver in his car and it paraylized him from the waist down. Now he drives a H2 with hand controls. He also has an upgraded bumper and grill guard like the owner in your photo. He wants to live the rest of his life and knows just how easily it could be taken away. I would say there is nothing strange at all about a H2 in a handicap spot. I bet this person cares more for their safety than saving a few bucks on gas. Or what other people think.

  2. What's so weird about it? Just because the driver or passenger is Handicapped, does not mean their ride has to be.

    I have an H1 Hummer, but my wife is in a wheelchair. Sometimes we park in the Handicapped parking, as she has a valid placard. So what's weird about it?

  3. I guess nothing. My grand other was in a wheelchair and I took care of her. I would think that a vehicle of this height would be more difficult to deal with. But I don't know since I don't have one.