Monday, June 23, 2008

Slack Magazine Slack issue #4- SEX in the '90s

My neighbor Mark used to publish Slack Magazine back in the 90's. Recently, he has been putting them online. This particular issue deals with Sex in the '90's which came out right after Prince's Hits/B-side 3 CD set.

"Well this Slack issue came out following the release of the 3-CD Prince collection The Hits/B-sides. So this means, these 3 CDs were all I listened to while I designed this issue (I have 2 Prince songs in my DJ list). For a lot of people, songs remind them of special and memorable moments. Well, a lot of the Prince B-sides remind me of designing this particular issue of Slack. Wierd, huh?... especially She's Always in My Hair and 17 Days."

You can download the magazine on his blog Roam Buffalo.

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