Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Project Indigo (working title): Design of a vertical seaside metropolis

I found this very interesting city/graphic design by Jesse van Dijk called Project Indigo. The concept is a metropolis built in a creator in the sea. Not only does Dijk create beautiful art work of the city, but if you read the text you will realize that great though has gone into the infrastructure how such a society would work.

"My principle idea for this city came down to a (somewhat) harmonious society with huge differences in standards of living. Because flat ground is so expensive, only the super-rich can afford to live on top of the pillar, where the climate is nice and sun-hours are plentiful.

As one descends into the pit, the hours the houses are exposed to direct sunlight daily decrease, making house prices lower, which is why the poorest groups of society live at the bottom of the pit. However, people are not neccessarily unhappy at the bottom, there are still children playing in the water, etc. While there is crime (and more of it in the poorer/lower districts) it's a time of peace, not war."

I would love to see this society be the backdrop for a feature film. The society and scenery alone would be reason enough to see the movie.