Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Papa's Got A Brand New FunkShip

Yup, after a long stint of creating several different mock-ups, both flash and static, I have finally just done it and released this new incarnation of my official site. FunkShip.com has a brand new look and more content than ever! For the past couple years I have been toying with new looks, especially an "all Flash" version. I decided to stick with a static site for now, but don't rule out Flash in the future.

One section of new content is the Productions page where I list out a few CDs I have worked on. Another is the return of the Funkalizer where you can stream my latest hits from SoundClick.com. (Be on the look out for my very latest, "Sex Funk Ambulance", set to be released in the oh-so near future.)

I hope you enjoy the site and please, comment back on what you think.

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