Wednesday, February 20, 2008

James, Michael & Prince

So here's the deal. Basically, at a James Brown show, seems to be a telethon, James Brown invites Michael jackson on stage to sing a bit of "It's A Man's World. OK, all good so far. Then Michael "insists" that James invite Prince, who happens to be in the audience, on stage as well. As you may guess, the true funk soldiers will, Prince takes over big time. Please notice that he rides in on Chick's, his bodygaurd at the time, shoulders. Also note that before he hits the stage, he throws a glove into the crowd, and it gets thrown back at him.


Prince, gotta love him!

P.S. What kind of star studded bash is it when young Michael, (the cool one), and young Prince, (the guitar playin' purple one), are both at a f@*kin' James Brown gig? Lindsay, Paris and Britney NEVER had it so good! And Kanye is the saviour of music today? Sad.

Oh yeah, wait for the big surprise at the end. I guess Prince is used to everything being bolted down.

Thanks M from Ow!