Friday, October 5, 2007

Zou Zou

Last Wednesday night I went to Club Diablo and saw this really good band play. Really I went to see my friend Damien Simon play but the opening band really caught my ear and eye.

They are called Zou Zou. Their music is, in my opinion, a mix of light surf mixed with Quentin Tarantino film soundtrack mixed with the B52's. The B52's part is because of Kristin, the lead singer's, hairdo and demure mannerisms. She moves like the leading lady in every high school musical, but with calss and lot's of style.

Here's how they describe the act on their MySpace page:

"Blondie, Berlin, burlesque inspired project with a contemporary twist! Broadway belting tempered by an ethereal spirit! A pensive rainfall backed by rock and roll thunder!"

Check out their page and listen to Skoshi. That's the one that reminds me of a Tarantino soundtrack number.

The members are:
Kristin Gilmet:Vocals/Keyboards,
Sakura Paterniti:Guitar,
Dave McCreery:Guitar,
Eric Silverman:Bass,
Lou Mang:Drums

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