Friday, October 26, 2007

Back [masking] to the Seventies!

Those of us around at the time may remember all the hoopla over certain rock artists and bands being accused of being Satan worshipers. Why? Because small portions of their lyrics, when played backwards seem to idolize the Prince of Darkness.

You younger folks might imagine playing a song backwards by loading it into your favorite audio manipulation software and simply reversing the file. Well not when I was a kid. We had to put our finger on the ol' record album and force it to go backwards, in some cases straining hard against the all powerful motor.

Well Jeff Milner has been kind enough to assemble some of the more famous backwards masked clips in to one neat little flash application for your demonic listening pleasure.

Oh, by the way, not all backmasking has an evil message. Remember that backwards vocal at the end of Prince's Darling Nikki? Here is what it says...

"Hello, how are you? I'm fine, cause I know that the Lord is coming. Coming soon."

Don't believe me? Go find and old vinyl copy of the record, go to your DJ friends house, put it on the wheel of steel and spin it backwards. Or you could just do it on your computer. That's what I did.

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