Friday, September 14, 2007

P and Me - The Tale of a Crazy Roommate

I think I may have found my new favorite blog. Its called "My Crazy Roommate". I stumbled upon it today. The basic gist is that this guy sublet a room in his house to a new guy at work, then found out that he's, well, eccentric. The guy who owns the house calls himself "Me" and is referred to as "M", I think his name is Matt. The crazy roommate is called "P", I have no idea what his real name is. Anyway, "M" posts their crazy conversations with a bit of explanation and ambiance. Below is an example. (Remember, P is the crazy one. M is just messing with him right now. I didn't want you to get confused.)

I guess I'm going to hell, but it's so easy...

P: I have to go back to Canada.
Me: You mean Canadia?
P: No, it's called Canada.
Me: Aren't you Canadian?
P: Yeah.
Me: I'm American, that means I'm from America. You're Canadian, doesn't that mean you're from Canadia?
P: Oh....well, maybe.
Me: Yeah, that's what I thought, you better get your facts straight.
P: Shit.
Me: Yeah, good luck getting back, you don't even know what country you're from.

As the blog is in chronological order, I would recommend going all the way back the the first post, start reading from the bottom and make you way to the present. It's a wonderful story about "Me & P". They actually seem to have evolved into pretty good friends.

Beats of Boredom

I have always wanted to do this. Its kind of like a household drum circle. It proves that music can come from anything, any where. The only thing cooler than this video is if the guy got a bunch of friends together and did it live. That'd be pretty tough to pull off though.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Let My Cousin Grow

Hey, can't really make too much fun of Alfanso Ribiero. I mean after all he was in a commercial with the not so crazy Michael Jackson from the days or yore. Not to mention his hugely successful role as Carlton banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Oh wait. Yes you can. Here's a start.


Oh the things Frank Lloyd Wright could do and the things that computers can do. This is a very nice CG animation of one of Wright's masterpieces.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Future of Music According to Buck Rogers

I actually remember this episode when it was first run. Now I'm showing my age. I love old Sci-Fi as it tries to predict how things will be in the future. Thank God this one didn't come true.

Mister Nice Hands

This one is for my wife & daughter. No comment. You will have to figure it out yourself.

Ground Control to Major Tom

I found this very nice flash animation for David Bowie's song "Space Oddity". It's well done and simple. Its perfect for the song.

Make Fun of Britney? I don't Think So.

OK, I know this Britney VMA performance thing is all over the net and news, and it's only going to get worse. The only reason I am bringing this up is because there is a fan out there who is sticking by her side. If you mess with Britney, you will have to answer to this guy. And I quote...

"Leave Britney Spears alone right [pause] NOW! [pause] I MEAN IT! Anyone who has a problem with Britney, you deal with me, cause she's not well right now."

I'm not going to embed this video but it's worth watching. If you missed Brit's performance, you'll have to search that out on your own. Just too cliché to post here.

Enjoy the drama.