Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Absorb Funk Through Osmosis

Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra OSMOSIS

I just found this guy on SoundClick.com. He's got the real deal on 70's garage Funk. It's not the best production value, (I think he's all analog and using a 4 track or something), but if you're like me you will enjoy the theme of Funk and the Cosmos. He is a true candidate for the Funkship.

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  1. Waddup, Pharaoh. This is Lawrence Wise (a.k.a. OSMOSIS), himself. I was doing some 'self-googling' and ran across your blog. I'd like to thank you for the promo and recognition. My earliest material (from '81 until '2002) have been analog (and there's still some more I haven't posted, yet). Since your post, I've done some new material and a few videos (via YouTube). You can still reach me on Soundclick:
    and MySpace:
    and Broadjam:
    and, let's not forget YouTube:

    Thanks again for the prop, bro. More funk to come.
    -Lawrence Wise (a.k.a. OSMOSIS)