Friday, June 15, 2007

Lights! Camera! Wait!

I have always been interested in film making. As a kid I would run around the 5,000 acre farm we lived on with a super 8mm camera shooting action sequences and burning things. One of the most memorable movies I did was "The Dukes Go To Mars", which stared my model of the General Lee. In the end [WARNING: SPOILER HERE] the General returns from earth's orbit (me throwing it high in the air) and letting it crash and break on the ground, then of course, exploding. (Hats of to the creator of WD40, fire in a can).

For all you aspiring film makers out there, visit for great resources for getting your movie made. It has tons of info from the script to post-production.


  1. What would be great is to see the 'Dukes Go To Mars!"

    Can get that digitized and posted....? That would be cool!

  2. Yes, I was just thinking that. I'll have to get my hands on a projector and the original film. I have a bunch of movies I could post once they are digitized.