Thursday, June 7, 2007

Crack Beer

A few years back my friend J.C. and I went up north to see Prince live at the Air Canada Center in Toronto. At that point I had spent very little time in Toronto and didn't know the lay of the land as well as J., (or at least as well as he claimed he did). We arrived in the afternoon and spent hours wandering around looking for a regular bar. Most of the establishments we found were restaurants with a bar in them. We stopped at a couple of places, had a few beers and peanuts for dinner.

Not having found the hip cool bar to spend the early evening in we decided to head for the arena and drink there knowing full well we would be paying huge amounts for draft beer in plastic cups, but hey, it was Prince Night! Just as we expected, two beers, which were indeed big, cost about $18, (but that's Canadian money). What is the deal with the beer served at arenas, festivals, or any summer out door concerts? You know what I mean. Beer poured from the side of a huge truck, usually not very cold, (though the ACC beer was cold enough), but rapidly intoxicating...You know, Crack Beer.

A couple of cold ones later, we found ourselves sitting on the seats of the shoe shine platform, which was closed at the time, snickering at the strange people that attend Prince concerts. Some were dressed like they just came from funk church in brightly colored suits complete with matching pimp hats, and many ladies had obviously just spent many dollars getting their hair did. There were also many of “those guys” that wore the band shirt to go see the band. Not really sure what’s so wrong about that but apparently my wife knows.

Finally the show was about to start. We went to our seats to find out that the opening act was Nelly Furtado. Not being big fans of her, or at least not knowing any of her songs, we did what any sane person would do…back to the shoe shine seats, and more Crack Beer.

Needless to say, Prince was awesome!


  1. Mmmmmmmm.. crack beer. What is AMerican crack beer? Pabst, Rolling Rock, Strohs, Schmidts..? Dows crcak beer have to taste cheap?

  2. Crack beer can be anything, usually domestic, poured from the side of a truck or a stadium/arena tap, usually with the C02 turned up to high. Maybe that's why it's like crack.